Mohammed Shoeb

Job at Phoenix Insurance, 2006 - Present 17 yrs 7 mos

Mohammed Shoeb is a visionary and a new generation patriot. Mr. Shoeb enters on a new era and manages all the business executives of the company and develops new strategies to furnish the tatical vision and motivation behind the success of the company. Mr. Shoeb, the only son of the legendary businessman Mr. Deen Mohammed. Being inspired by his father Mr. Shoeb started following his father's footsteps at an early age after finishing his BBA degree from the university of Waterloo in London, UK. His thrist for learning combined with his intelligence has amazingly created his forward-looking and visionary enterprize. As a result, he tremendously succeeded in gaining the respect of his peers and in building trust and confidence of his business partners and clients in the services rendered by the company.


Schooling at Greenherald International School, Mohammadpur, Dhaka BD
Diploma in Business Administration, London, UK

Activities and societies: Almost 30 years in business involvement Mr. Shoeb had the oppurtunities to work with the bigwigs of the business organizations and members of the executive committe to give a clear direction and maintain transparency and to protect the interest of the shareholders., The International WHO'S WHO Historical Society has selected the name of Mr. Mohammed Shoeb for inclusion in the 2011 edition of it's directory of professional celebrities.