Miscellaneous Insurance


Fidelity guarantee: As per policy coverage, it indemnifies the employer against acts of fraudulent carried out by the employee.

Cash in transit: It provides coverage if the insured’s cash is looted, robbed or mugged during the transit between the bank and the office or any other route at gunpoint or forcibly.

Cash on Counter/in Safe : The insured gets coverage if his/her cash is looted, robbed or stolen from the counter, drawers from the locked iron safe at gunpoint by making hostage the staff of the banks only.

Third Party Liability (Public Liability): Under Third Party Liability Insurance, compensation is given for an accidental death of paid driver, accident to the insured and his / her spouse, accident to passengers.

Peddle Cycle: It provides protection in case of theft only.

Personal Accident: It provides for payment of specified capital benefits following accidental death, bodily injury caused by an accident.

Peoples Personal Accident: It provides cover for accidental death only.

Workmen’s compensation: In case of death of a worker, legal heirs are paid compensation.

Personal Air Travels: Coverage is given against accidental death at the time of travel by air.
Besides, other insurance facilities include under different categories such as plate glass, cell phones, neon sign and overseas medi-claim.