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We always try new things which are very effective in terms of customer satisfaction while providing them our service. Our service is absolutely full of innovation and creativeness. Our target is to satisfy customers at any cost and that is why we do not hesitate to try new and attractive services.

Our customer management phase and claims management team are always ready to provide their best services to their clients. Our claims service is very efficient because of our strong management part.


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9 Different Types Of Insurance Policies And Coverage

Marine Insurance

Marine cargo insurance coverage is given to import of all goods from abroad and inland transport by steamer/lorry/air.

Motor Insurance

We cover three types of tariffs in this country for rating of motor insurance. These are private car, commercial vehicle and motor cycle tariff.

Engineering Insurance

We cover physical loss or damage to property, as well as third party liability related to work conducted on the contract site.

Fire Insurance

We cover all risks against fire incidents, allied perils and consequential loss. Policy may extend to cover riot and strike damages, loss due to malicious acts and atmospheric damage.

Riot And Strike Damage Insurance

Defined by most state laws as a violent disturbance, riot and strike damage insurance coverage for damage to property resulting from riot and strike damage.

Overseas Mediclaim

Overseas Mediclaim Insurance: is available for Bangladeshi nationals visiting abroad, such as SCHENGEN countries, for the purpose of business, holiday, tours, temporarily staying out side Bangladesh for Studies or employment under Bangladeshi employer.

Cattle Insurance

Cattle insurance protects the people from financial loss incurred due to the unexpected death of their cattle. Your animals are considered your personal property. With cattle insurance, farmers will get comprehensive protection against the cattle loss.

Travel Insurance

Intended only for use of insured person in the event of a sudden & unexpected sickness or accident arising when the Insured is staying out side Bangladesh. For the purpose of premium rates & benefits available Overseas Mediclaim Insurance’s are divided in two plans.

Miscellaneous Insurance

Under the Miscellaneous insurance policy, the coverage is given to comprehensive risks for loss of miscellaneous packages.

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