For the safety of the company and the policyholders we have arranged reinsurance protection with a higher capacity for various classes of business and have involved state owned organization Sadharan Bima Corporation and Internationally ‘A’ rated reinsurance company from Overseas Market for reinsurance arrangement.

Now the company can underwrite any amount of sum insured for various classes of business. There are two types of arrangement (1) Treaty arrangement (automatic cover) (2) Facultative arrangement (for individual risk above treaty capacity) The company can collect special rates from overseas market to reduce the cost of the policy holders.

The automatic reinsurance treaty capacity for the year 2011-2012 is as under :

Fire : Tk. 101,25,00,000/- any one risk
Marine Cargo : Tk.   30,30,00,000/- per bottom
Marine Hull : Tk.     5,20,00,000/- any one hull
Misc Accident : Tk.     5,10,00,000/- any one risk
Engineering : Tk.     2,60,00,000/- any one risk
Motor : Tk.     2,00,00,000/- any one occurrence

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